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Member  Tomball Art League

                Lone Star Art Guild

                Visual Arts Alliance

J.M.M. Barkovich

Born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and (from age 11) Houston, Texas. Returning to Houston (via Philadelphia, NW Indiana and Branson, Missouri) in June 2013, "I'm here to make art." Barkovich earned her B.F.A. cum laude from the University of Houston (with a concentration in printmaking) in 1985, and was a recipient of the University of Houston College of Humanities and Fine Art Flaxman award in printmaking. 



Dogs, Cats and Chickens


A collection of animal portraits providing a provocative contrast to the formal animal portraits of history. Each of these pictures represents the character and manner of specific animals and pets; presented in media that most efficiently convey those unique personalities.



Artist Statement


Growing up Catholic in the Philadelphia suburbs, classical religious imagery held Barkovich's fascination. She spent hours studying the Renaissance paintings reproduced within the pages of her family's Douay Bible, and marveled  at the illusion of space and light they possess. Not surprisingly, iconography remains at the heart of her work; she is passionate about portraits. While she has spent many years depicting people, pets and livestock have become a primary interest since 2013. 


After spending a number of years in the Missouri Ozarks, and returning to Houston in mid-2013 animals (their unique mannerisms and markings) dominate Barkovich's pictures. Although the grid pattern is an obvious nod to Chuck Close, the grid also hearkens to early Christian mosaic icons as well as the corralling, and fencing of animals. The grid requires attention to every square inch (in this case, every square 3/8 of an inch) of paper or canvas. The slow process of picture making requires working from photographs, which present unique problems for Barkovich to successfully address. The subjects depicted, and her methodical process are compelling and provoke the viewer to draft their own narrative.  


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